Friday, 19 July 2013

Camera Ready Cosmetics - Best Makeup Site?

Hey beaut's! So recently I've discovered what could be the Holy Grail of makeup sites. It's called Camera Ready Cosmetics, and they sell high-end brand makeup such as MAC, Joe Blasco (the makeup Kim Kardashian apparently uses) and more - at crazy cheap prices. At first I thought, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," but then I started hearing more about it from well respected beauty guru's who swear by it? I've decided to make an account, and see how it goes from there: 

I'll keep you updated once I've purchased something, please let me know if you have already used this site and what your experience was! xoxo

New Mint and Leopard Print Flats, eBay bargain!

Many people out there look down on sites like eBay and Amazon, but I think they're great!

My most recent eBay purchase is the inspiration for this post, as I bought something GORGEOUS! (well, two gorgeous things)

These fab shoes are the last things I bought from the site eBay, very Steve Madden-esque but without the horrific price tag! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kat Von D's 'Lock it tattoo foundation' - My favourite!

Hey beaut's, I have decided to do a review and pop in some photos of this fabulous foundation as my first proper post! This is absolute favourite for heaps of reasons (I'll list 3 main ones below or we'll be here forever):

1) It is full coverage. I mean, FULL coverage, which I am a huge fan of! I see so many gorgeous 'youtubers/beauty guru's' on youtube who have the most perfect skin without any real need of makeup. I, however, am not one of those people - so this foundation is great for me! I have combination to oily skin which can lead to redness/breakouts and this foundation covers it all!

2) It has a matte finish; as I have mentioned above I have combination-to-oily skin and with most other foundations I have to re-touch every few hours. Since I started using this foundation I haven't needed to for the first time EVER! 

3) It lasts FOREVER. I mean seriously, I can't even remember when I bought this bottle (which contains 30ml) and I've still got a good while to go before it's finished. It has a creamy texture and you only need a relatively teeny bit to cover your entire face, which is good for those on a budget as well as people who don't like wearing too much foundation. 

Here's the bottle (sorry it's old and dusty!)

My first ever post! Welcome to Lauren's Beauty Stuff!

Me, looking very happy!
Hello! My name is Lauren, and I have decided to create a blog dedicated to all things beauty. I am twenty years old and about to start University to study Psychology. I love food, makeup, books and movies and I hope to share the best with you! I look forward to sharing all my hints, tips and favourite things with you,
Lauren xoxo

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