Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kat Von D's 'Lock it tattoo foundation' - My favourite!

Hey beaut's, I have decided to do a review and pop in some photos of this fabulous foundation as my first proper post! This is absolute favourite for heaps of reasons (I'll list 3 main ones below or we'll be here forever):

1) It is full coverage. I mean, FULL coverage, which I am a huge fan of! I see so many gorgeous 'youtubers/beauty guru's' on youtube who have the most perfect skin without any real need of makeup. I, however, am not one of those people - so this foundation is great for me! I have combination to oily skin which can lead to redness/breakouts and this foundation covers it all!

2) It has a matte finish; as I have mentioned above I have combination-to-oily skin and with most other foundations I have to re-touch every few hours. Since I started using this foundation I haven't needed to for the first time EVER! 

3) It lasts FOREVER. I mean seriously, I can't even remember when I bought this bottle (which contains 30ml) and I've still got a good while to go before it's finished. It has a creamy texture and you only need a relatively teeny bit to cover your entire face, which is good for those on a budget as well as people who don't like wearing too much foundation. 

Here's the bottle (sorry it's old and dusty!)

As you can see, 30ml of full coverage goodness!

I always use the Sigma F80 with this, it's my HG brush!

You only need a teeny bit!

And this is the end result for a flawless face foundation routine using Kat Von D 'Lock it tattoo foundation.'

Hope you found it useful!


Anonymous said...

What color is that?

Lauren Groombridge said...

This is in shade #Light44, hope that helps! I think it is actually the second to lightest shade? She has such a good colour range! xoxo

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