Thursday, 30 January 2014

Full coverage foundation routine using Cinema Secrets!

Hi beaut's! So I wanted to do another foundation routine but one for those of you that dislike liquid foundations. The foundation I'm using in this tutorial is by Cinema Secrets (shade #PS304-32), and my amazing flatmate Heidi has kindly allowed me to do this look on her as she was getting ready for a night out and wanted to look flawless!

As you can tell, this is a very creamy, thick foundation, but as long as you apply it thinly and build up coverage gradually it won't look cakey. Try mixing some with moisturiser on the back of a clean hand for a thinner consistency with less coverage!

To begin with, I prepped Heidi's skin with moisturizer and primer, and then dabbed some foundation on to her skin with clean fingertips. Once every section of her face had some product on, I used a stippling motion and my Sigma F80 Foundation Brush to apply and blend in, making sure to remember the hairline and the neck!

This is Heidi with nothing on her face, she's still stunning! 

This is how I began the process - in this picture the right half of her face has been blended in whereas the left side just has product dabbed onto the skin.

This is the the finished foundation process! To finish this look, I applied a light concealer to highlight the area underneath her eyes, her forehead, the centre of her nose and her chin. I also contoured under her cheekbones and around her temple and jaw using a dark, non-shimmery bronzer, and then used a light loose mineral powder to set everything before applying blush and doing her eyes and lips!

Gorgeous! I think this look is great for a night out as it is full coverage - this foundation is SOOOO pigmented I barely used any product at all! It is also pretty budge-proof on a night out, especially when a setting spray is used (I recommend an anti-oil/grease spray).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to contact me about any of the other products used or if you have any requests or other questions! :)



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