Friday, 19 July 2013

New Mint and Leopard Print Flats, eBay bargain!

Many people out there look down on sites like eBay and Amazon, but I think they're great!

My most recent eBay purchase is the inspiration for this post, as I bought something GORGEOUS! (well, two gorgeous things)

These fab shoes are the last things I bought from the site eBay, very Steve Madden-esque but without the horrific price tag! 

Aren't they lush? They are SO comfy, and only around £17.00 each!!!

This is why I love eBay and sites like it, you can shop around and if you look hard enough you'll grab an amazing deal. These shoes are mega comfy, they are a size US 7.5 which for those of us here in the UK converts into a UK size 5.  I found this website seriously helpful in converting the sizes:
 As you can see, these fabulous flats don't have any 'sides', this is great especially for summer as it keeps your feet cool., and they are majorly comfy, plus I've already had compliments! If you'd like to check out what else the seller has in store, follow this link: 

Just to clarify, I am in no way affiliated with this seller; I simply purchased some shoes from them and I think they have other great stuff so I'm putting the link up for you beaut's to check out :) Happy shoe hunting! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Love the blue ones Lauren x

Lauren Groombridge said...

Thank you! Theyre a gorgeous mint colour, such a good bargain xoxo

Pia J said...

Great shoes! Love them both. I think places like ebay are fantastic to find amazing deals.


Lauren Groombridge said...

Thank you! I totally agree, theres nothing wrong with spending less :) xoxo

Hayley Foster said...

Oh those are lovely! I really don't have any dolly shoes/flats and have mostly boots. I think I could do with something like this for smart outfits!

Lauren Groombridge said...

Aww, yeah these are lovely! I still wear them and get compliments now, people are always shocked that I bought them from eBay too! :) xoxo

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