Sunday, 2 February 2014

Elf Haul :)

Hey beaut's, so recently I visited the elf store in Cardiff and bought so much that I just HAVE to do a haul about it! No joke I spent about £40/50 in there and came out with a big bag of goodies! I've never really tried many elf products, I feel as though the website doesn't do justice to most of the products and I never thought I'd like it - I wish I had gone into a store years ago now!

The staff were so helpful and friendly and there was a huge variety of products - most of them very cheap! So I hope you like this post and please feel free to contact me regarding any other elf products you think are good :)

This super pretty palette is part of the 'eyes lips face' collection and has 32 beautiful shades. I would recommend this palette to most skin tones - it has very pale shimmery creams to burgundy and plums all the way to glittery grey and black! I've already used some of the burgundy and brown shades and love the pigmentation! I would suggest using a small amount of product on a a fluffy brush and gradually building up the colour. 

This primer is hand's down the best primer I have ever used! I have oily to combination skin and just a small amount of this product prevents any shine and also prevents dryness/flakiness at the same time - anyone with oily-combination skin will know how hard that is to find in a primer. Make-up glides on flawlessly with this stuff - I highly recommend! The best thing about this primer though is the price - £6.00!!! It also comes in four shades; #clear #green #brightening lavender or #radiant glow.

This stunning lipstick is in shade 'Nicely Nude' and is so pretty! It is a lovely light shade, I would recommend to light and medium skin tones. It is also incredibly moisturising! Sometimes with lipsticks I feel they can dry out my lips, but this product definitely doesn't fall into that category. I would, however, recommend exfoliating the lips with an old toothbrush before application. 

While I'm on the subject of lips, I also picked up this great lip gloss in the shade 'ballet slippers' which is so pretty! Again, a very pale, almost pearly quality. Stunning over the lipstick as well! 

I was slightly hesitant about picking this up, I absolutely love my Kat Von D Tattoo Lock-it foundation for it's coverage but I decided to try this as my skin was going through a good patch. I got this in shade 'porcelain' and I really like it. Slightly disappointed with the coverage but that's to be expected after using the lock-it foundation now for so long. Really lovely finish, semi-matte, and great with some pressed powder over the T-zone. Great for anyone wanting medium coverage!

These brushes caught my eye, they were the main product I had actually intended to buy (oops)! I got the Powder Brush, the Small Stipple Brush and the Angled Contour Brush. The powder brush is A-mazing! I absolutely love it, packs on the pigment and not so much of the product so you don't end up looking cakey. It's so soft as well! The small stipple brush is so good as well, I use it on areas that I feel I need more coverage on - I don't use it over my entire face. The angled contour brush, I believe, is meant for applying eye-shadow but I simply use it to contour my face with a dark non-shimmery bronzer below my cheekbones and on my nose. Simple product but I think I'll get a lot of use out of it!

Another product I purchased was this baked blush in the shade 'peachy cheeky'. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of pigmentation in this blush; it looks so shimmery and pretty - well it is - but you can barely make it out when applied! I feel like it could be more pigmented, but I guess there are people who will love the 'barely-there' aspect of it. I'm not going to give up on it just yet though, I plan on trying it over different foundations/powders and seeing if that makes a difference!

I also bought this blush in the shade 'tickled pink' - the pigmentation was far better than the baked blush but still not up to par with most of my others! Which is a shame because again, such a pretty colour! (I think I'm going to have a love/hate relationship with elf blushes)

The last item I bought was this translucent matifying powder. This was recommended to me my my lovely friend and flatmate Megan; on a night out to Cardiff she told me to use some and I fell in love! It is matte - and I mean MATTE! If you have very dry skin I definitely would not recommend, this baby will get rid of any shine on your face whatsoever. I recommend using only on T-zone for a more natural finish. 

That's the end of my haul, hope you all enjoyed, sorry about the length of it!!! Everything on the e.l.f. website is very reasonably priced; I definitely recommend (I am in no way affiliated with e.l.f. and all the opinions are my own, I wasn't paid suggest/praise any of their products!) Please let me know if you have purchased any of these products and if so what you think of them :) 

lots of love, Lauren xoxo


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